Consistency: The Key to Success

What does it take to succeed in a Network Marketing business?

It’s a simple business model – you find people to join your team, who find others to join, and so on.

And we do this through a 6-step system – Find Prospects, Invite, Present, Follow-Up, Sign Up, Get Started.

So why do some people struggle, while others find success?

One big reason is consistency. It’s the “secret sauce” in the formula for success. And here’s why.

Success is not a single act. Rather, it’s a daily habit of small steps implemented regularly over time.

If you don’t consistently invite prospects to your presentation, you won’t have people joining your team and your business with stagnate.

How to Be More Consistent

So what can you do right now to be more consistent in your business?

There are two steps – setting your goals and developing your daily routine around them.

Goal Setting

We all have big goals for our business, right?

When you are setting your goals, they should be measurable and achievable. You probably aren’t going to hit a top rank in your company within the next 3 months if you haven’t sponsored anyone yet. But you could definitely make a quick jump of 1-3 ranks.

Daily Routine

Work backwards to set up your daily routine based on your goals.

So if your goal is to achieve Rank X within 90 days, how many people do you need to get into your business? Then how many people to you need to invite to presentations to get that number of people?

This way you can figure out what you need to do each day to achieve your goal. Do you need to prospect 10 people each day? Write a blog post 3x per week? Put it in your daily routine!

How Do You Know the Right Thing to Work On?

Consistency is key, but how do you know you are doing the right things to get results?

You need a system.

Hopefully, your upline has a system that you can plug into.

If not, you can study what other people have done to achieve success and implement those strategies. Eric Worre’s book Go Pro is a great place to start.

Or you can join a system like Elite Marketing Pro, that sets you up to generate leads online quickly and easily. Check it out here.

Just remember, whatever system you use, be consistent and give it time. It will likely take longer than you would like or are comfortable with. But you’ll breathe a lot easier once your work starts paying off – and it will.

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