Top 9 Reasons to Hire a Coach

When you venture off to do something different, you’re going to face challenges. This is as true in business as in life. And network marketing is certainly no exception. No matter what stage your business is at, a coach can help you progress faster than you would on your own. If you’re not sure how a […]

Why I Don’t Do Home Parties

There’s a huge myth in network marketing and you’ve probably heard it. It goes something like “You can’t build a business online. It’s not duplicable. You have to do home parties and prospect everybody you meet.” It’s true. These old school methods have worked for many years and continue to be effective. But home parties […]

Finding Prospects with Social Media Recruiting

One of the first questions I hear from people who want to build a business online is “How do I find people to talk to?” This can be overwhelming at first and sometimes, in our enthusiasm, we can come across as spammy. So, how do you create a reliable stream of new, highly qualified prospects? […]

Are You Flying With Eagles or Hanging With Turkeys?

Hey look… Whether we like it or not, you do become like the people you hang around with. And I’ll go out on a limb on take a wild stab at the fact that you probably don’t have very many people in your life who are positive and are super supportive of your network marketing […]

Consistency: The Key to Success

What does it take to succeed in a Network Marketing business? It’s a simple business model – you find people to join your team, who find others to join, and so on. And we do this through a 6-step system – Find Prospects, Invite, Present, Follow-Up, Sign Up, Get Started. So why do some people […]