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Control Your Destiny or Someone ELSE will

Remember that feeling when you first got started in network marketing?The excitement …the big dreams …the stories of how Sally’s cousin’s neighbor created a 6-figure business in just 2 monthsBut most of all, the idea that you could be your own boss and create the time and financial freedom you’re really looking forTo be in […]

How Do You Take Your Coffee?

When is your favorite time to work your biz?Personally, I love to wake up early and dive into my day, using those quiet morning hours to get things done.No matter how you take your coffee, it just tastes better when I have stream of TOP-NOTCH prospects reaching out to me, eager to hear about my […]

Passing On The Gift

As the holiday season approachesWe start thinking about ways to charitably help othersOne of my favorite organizations to contribute to is Heifer InternationalHeifer works with people in the poorest parts of the worldAnd empowers them to change their livesIt’s such a simple, and inspirational conceptThey give families the gift of livestockWhich supports them through food […]

My Secret Weapon

Most of you probably don’t know this about meI’ve been in and out of the network marketing industry for over 20 yearsThat’s a long time!I’ll never forget my first companyMy husband at the time went to a hotel meetingAnd saw a leader in the company “draw the circles”He was flat out convinced this was THE […]

Are We There Yet?

Anyone who has ever traveled with kidsHas heard this phrase…more than once!It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling by car, plane, bus, or trainKids are impatient to get there, wherever there might beAs adults, that feeling of impatience and anticipation doesn’t go awayWe just learn not to annoy our traveling partners by asking the question LOLA […]

You Don’t Get a Second Chance

Have you ever heard the phraseYou don’t get a second chance to make a first impression?There are many times in my life this has been trueMaybe this has been true for you tooOver the course of my (longer than I like to mention) lifeI’ve run into a few situations where there is no second chanceSituations […]

Building A House Without A Blueprint

I’m getting a new neighbor soonThey’re building a new house across the street from meWhat’s been interesting about this isThey didn’t hire a contractor or builderHe’s building the house himselfAt a few stages he’s brought in a small crewPlus an electrician and a plumberAbout 80% of it, he’s done totally by himselfFrom clearing the lot […]

Sometimes You Just Need…

A celebrationYep, a reward, a pat on the back, some recognitionWhatever you want to call itIt amounts to the same thingCelebrating your wins, big and small!Sure, we’re all busyAnd sometimes it doesn’t seem like it’s worth the timeAfter all, who besides me really cares if I met my prospecting goal for the dayOr accomplished everything […]

Putting Together A Puzzle

We have a tradition in my familyOn New Year’s Day we start a puzzleUsually 1000 pieces or moreIt usually takes a few days to finish itBut we have a lot of fun with itAnd it’s a great family activity during the post-holiday let downThe thing about putting a puzzle together isThere’s a method to itUsually […]

The Choices We Make Dictate The Life We Lead

To thine own self be true (Hamlet)Let’s face it…Running your own business has its ups and downsThere are times on this journeyTo build a successful businessWe can get a little lostSo caught up in the busy workWe forget who we are and why we’re doing this businessTruth is…authenticity is the key to growing your bizPeople […]

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