7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started in Network Marketing

Like a lot of people who get started in network marketing or direct sales, what first attracted me was the products. I went to a home party, tried the shiny objects and fell in love.

It seemed like a no brainer to sign up. After all, I would get to buy products at a much lower price than retail and it would be easy to find people to join my team. Who wouldn’t love these products as much as me, right?!

Well, it turns out most people I talked to liked the products well enough. Just not enough to open their wallets or join my team.

It’s a familiar story, and one I hear from many people who are involved in the business.

I’ve learned some valuable lessons over the years. I usually only share these with new team members but I truly believe anyone thinking about starting a business – network marketing, direct sales, consulting, or coaching – can benefit from these.

1. There’s no easy button

I know, there’s always the story of Mary’s cousin’s neighbor’s wife who started a biz and made $1M in six months. Don’t get me wrong…plenty of people find success and find it quickly.

And they may make it look easy. But it’s not.

It’s work. A lot of work. Work that pays off in the long run with time and financial freedom but it’s still hard work to get there.

2. It’s a marathon, not a sprint

It take’s consistent, steady action every single day to find success. You won’t achieve your goals with short bursts of activity followed by nothing.

Just like a marathon, you need to pace yourself for the long haul.

3. Attitude is everything

How many times have you heard that a positive attitude makes all the difference?

I’m not talking about finding the rainbow behind every storm cloud. But I am talking about your belief in yourself, your team, and your ability to reach your goals.

4. Not everyone wants it as bad as I do

When I first saw this business opportunity, not only did I fall in love with the products but I could see the potential to get out of a job that wasn’t making me happy any longer. Some people just don’t see that because they have different dreams that me.

That’s ok but it took me awhile to understand.

5. There will always be haters

No matter what you do in life, there will always be someone to rain on your parade.

There’s lots of reasons for this, and not a single one of them have anything to do with you or your business.


6. Success is what I want it to be

One of the things I really love about having my own business is I get to set my own goals, and define what success means for me and my family.

My coaches and mentors may help me figure out what to shoot for, but ultimately it’s my decision.

7. It’s really fun!

Making new friends, traveling to great locations, helping others achieve their dreams…do I need to add anything else here?!

You can see that the life of a home business owner has its ups and downs. For me, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. But I believe no one should enter into a business without their eyes wide open.

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