5 Facebook Post Ideas to Help You Get More Likes, Shares, and Comments

If you’ve had a Facebook fan page for any length of time, you know how frustrating it is to struggle through creating new, fresh posts every day and not get a single like, share, or comment. Or even worse, check your stats and find that very few people even see your posts!

So, what’s the deal?

Well, over the last couple of years Facebook reach has gone way down. Mostly because there are so many users sharing so many posts. Facebook had to figure out a way to show people the right content at the right time. This is called the Facebook algorithm.

What that means for us is that we need to post great content every day…content that entertains and adds value while achieving our sales or prospecting goals.

These 5 Post Ideas will help you create EPIC content that gets more likes, shares, and comments on your page.

1. Video

Without a doubt, video is getting great results on Facebook right now, especially Live broadcasts. Until recently, the only way to do a Live broadcast has been with the mobile app or through a 3rd party app like OBS. Facebook is continuing to roll out a “Live” button to fan pages, giving us options to broadcast from mobile or desktop.

Another type of video that tracks well with audiences is animated text overlay. This is a video that rolls text, like a motivation quote, onto the screen. They are typically only a few seconds long so it’s easy for users to stop scrolling and watch. A couple of apps you can use to create this type of video are Legend and Adobe Spark.

2. Engagement

Quotes, questions, great images…these are all types of Engagement posts. The value they offer is inspirational or entertaining, and they have always been popular on Facebook.

You can create these yourself or share what others have made. Canva.com is a free website for designing all kinds of graphics, including Facebook posts. And it’s easy to use! Another easy to use tool is Post Planner – it finds popular posts that you can share on your page.

3. Story

Telling your story is a compelling way to grab the attention of your fans and draw them in. People love hearing about the struggles you’ve had and how you have overcome them. It makes you relatable, and often your fans share the same struggles you did!

4. Value

Sharing valuable information or solving a problem will help you build a community of loyal fans who not only stop and read everything you post, but comment and share. When people know they can depend on you for practical tips and strategies in building their business, they will make sure their team members see your posts too.

5. Lifestyle

This is where it gets personal. People love to see you living a lifestyle they are striving for. It can be working from home, on a family vacation, or just spending time with the kids. As long as they see you enjoying life!

Start using these 5 types of posts on your Facebook page and let me know your results! I think you’ll start seeing a lot more likes, shares, ad comments.

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